The Virgin ….and her companions.


the virgin 2

She is dark  and lovely,

Adorned from head to toe

 With fine ornaments from the orient


As she gracefully stepped into the Arena.

All eyes on this rose petals 

The ebony beauty beaming with gracious smiles

She gallantly walked the stage

Swirling her sweet shinning hair to the back

Pridefully she carried herself 

My Father’s daughter

Fair and gentle

With eyes like a dove

She is fair without spot

This flower blooms

like the morning dew

A garden surrounded

A fountain sealed

My father’s daughter

In the company of her kindreds

Beautiful yet fierce

Warrior woman, king woman

Pure and warm

Potent and powerful

With eyes lurked on the prize

Not dissuaded by trivial

My father’s daughter

The virgin…..and her great company

Photo credit; Pinterest.





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