Confronting the “shallowness” syndrome.

Hello Womenfolk all around the globe, today is Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. It also happens to be one of my friend’s birthdays, actually, a friend turned sister. I remember I totally forgot her birthday sometimes ago when she turned Forty, at that time our friendship was going through some rough patches then. But thank God things are getting better with us.

I am using this platform to celebrate my dearest friend turn Sister, Olufunmilayo Alero Gombe a superb birthday today and pray all her desires come to fruition. She is actually doing amazing stuff with her event company, kindly show some love and visit Theeventnanny

Moving right along, today my attention is focused on something that a dear friend of mine, shared on social media, which I want to call the plague of superfluity, confronting the shallowness syndrome.

celebrating womanhood

Today the hunger for validation and acceptability has made many of our women to become shallow in their pursuit, that all that matters to them is how many likes they are getting from their “slay looks” those that would go to any length make sure they are at par with the jones. You see them popping up photos here and there just for the sake of trending.

There is another category of these women, who spend their time watching Bollywood, Hollywood and all the woods on screen, they hardly can find the button for discovery channel or National Geography. I am not saying that watching those series is bad in itself, but when it becomes all that you do as a woman, then there is a problem.

There is more to womanhood than dependency, social status, and all the false craps that have been peddled to the womenfolk over the years. As women, it is time to go back to God, the designer original of the woman, and discover why we are created the way we are generally and specifically as individuals, I know that the essence of the woman is not in slaying games, or in the hottest gossip in town.

We are made of more, because God has ordained the woman to make a difference in the earth, in her world, in her circle of influence. The woman has been loaded with too much that it will be a disservice to humanity if all she’s known for is “shallowness” and all shades of shades!

To all the women who are already playing an active role in the pursuit of life’s purpose, I say kudos to you, keep on moving don’t stop the world is waiting for you. Ride on majestically and unapologetically

To those who are yet to know what they’re all about, I can tell you boldly that your life is far much more than those designer bags, and Gucci shoes or the hot gossips trending in the media.  It’s time to be really informed about the things that matter in your environment, look around there is a need that has your name on it- You are a solutionist open your eyes.

Understand that time is of the essence, spend your time wisely, watch and pray, build your capacity, develop yourself, enroll in a class if you must, choose the right company – there are lots of networks for women all around that you can join. find one, and be a part of the community of women changing their world one step at a time.You are an Amazon!

I celebrate every woman.

Till I come your way again

Remember, You are a woman phenomenally,

You are loved and celebrated.




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  1. Joan says:

    So beautiful, so true. We need to get back to His design and live by it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Joan, it’s always a pleasure to have your feedback. Hugs.


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