You have a way with words.

Hello beautiful people, welcome to a new week. A fresh opportunity t start again, try again, it’s an unfolding of new opportunities today. This week is quite loaded for me, and I am so excited about the great unfoldings that God has in store for me.

Earlier today, I shared something on my Instagram page like I do every morning, the summary of my Monday motivation is centered on the power of our words. I know you will agree with me that the words that we speak have the ability to make or mar, to build or demolish, to unify or to cause disunity.

Words have the power to change an individual, group and even a nation. And from the pages of the Bible, we know that the universe we are in was framed by words… In the beginning was the word, and that word has been given to humanity to create and recreate…

At every given moment in our daily life, we are using words to convey and to express. Research shows that the average woman uses about 5000 words per day, while the average man uses about 2000 words. In every sphere of life, we use words!

How much of those words do we channel rightly? How much of those words do we use positively?


Words truly have the power to turn things around and you should use them for good, you should use words to inspire others and add value to people’s lives.

As a musician and writer, the use of words is one of my main tools to live a life of purpose. As a woman/wife/mother, the words that I speak go a long way to shape the kind of dynamics in my home and in my family, so it becomes a deliberate and intentional effort for me make sure that my words are seasoned with grace to build up or to inspire the hearer. This is where the real work is.

It is so easy to forget the power of our words as we use them day in, and day out and sometimes our tongues leaves us in great regret if we don’t use them wisely. I was meditating on the book of Matthew 27-How Jesus was handed over to Pontius Pilate. It was rather saddening to hear the people respond to Pilate the Governor, after so much debate about crucifying Christ, Matthew 27:25

And all the people answered and said, His blood be on us and on our children.

This statement is too heavy and not only that it was also transgenerational, at that moment they didn’t know the gravity of the words they’ve just uttered because they were in the heat of the moment. They used their words to pronounce a curse on themselves and even on their unborn innocent children.

How can I be conscious of the words I speak?

From the pages of scriptures, there are many verses on the wise use of words, I will like to share  one or two and try to break it down into bits

1 Peter 3: 10 -Message Bible

Whoever wants to embrace life and see the day fill up with good, here’s what you do: say nothing evil or hurtful.

We all want to enjoy life to the full, see our daily lives filled with joy and happiness, all these can be experienced if we become intentional about the words that flow out from our mouth…  say nothing evil or hurtful

Remember, You have a way with words…

(c. OBA2018@Thekingsoracle.


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  1. ladycee says:

    Hello dear sis,
    Yes whenever I read how the Jews cursed themselves and their children it makes me think about what they have suffered as a nation. Your words have made me think about the responsibility we bear, since our tongues have the power to frame not only our own world but also the world of our loved ones and maybe even generations to come! Sobering!
    Have a blessed day sister.


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