Heaven’s grasp or what?

It was the about the end of my first trimester, precisely Easter Sunday, we just got back from Church and my cravings that afternoon was Eba.

The husband was nice enough to make it for me, after divulging a whole bowlful. I sat to watch TV with the boys and just rest awhile, just then I felt a tingling, it was an unusual sensation, I dashed quickly to the bathroom to check what was happening.

Like a tap that was left open, I saw blood gushing out of me, I grasp the toilet seat and screamed calling out to my husband who was outside with boys at this point I was already sweating profusely and started praying;

Lord, I didn’t ask for this, you decided to give me this baby all by yourself

Lord, you will not let this happen, you won’t allow me to lose this child, No way!

I was taken to the hospital and all I could remember was waking up the next day and was told that my pregnancy was still intact.

” Madam, your baby is fine. The doctor said. You have nothing to worry about. But you have to stop doing any rigorous activities.

At that point in time, I knew that YAHWEH hands grasped mine and that of my unborn baby that day. Today I am truly for his grasp!

My child on the 8th day as we dedicated him to the LORD.


Are you at the threshold of life? do you feel beat down by a load of crisis? whatever you may be going through God’s hands are not too short to grasp you, only if you’ll let Him.



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