That grumpy feeling…

Yesterday evening, I was about ready to write a new post on this blog and the sister blog that I run exclusively for music-related matters, but as I was getting into it, I couldn’t help the tiredness that overwhelmed me.

I had gone out early morning around 5:30am, just to be able to escape Lagos traffic on Monday morning, to minister at a breakfast meeting. As soon as I got back home, I had to attend to the little lad, and soon enough my team members came in, for about 3hrs of music rehearsal session before we could say, Jack Robinson. it was already evening.

I tell you that I am still trying to adjust myself and my timing and dedication to writing again, but when I have a tight schedule like that of yesterday, it makes me think I am biting more than I chew…

Now I am sitting right in front of the screen, my head is slightly aching, the lad is calling for attention again. Maybe I will just drop the pen and go rest a bit… will come back to post later.





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