For your own peace, stop the following!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, the boys are back to school, so there’s this unusual quiet around the house, except for the little prince, it just the two of us playing house as the husband is out doing what he enjoys doing -Work.

It took a while to get out of bed, as the young lad is still on breastmilk, eating round the clock especially at night till the early morn, often leaves me flat out hungry and tired.  As I tried to get myself out of bed,  I had to get started on the check my phone for messages, emails and all kinds of stuff, I am really trying to stop checking my phone first thing in the morning.

peace of mind.

One of the things that get me aggravated is some of these WhatsApp groups. Some of them can be a pain in the neck.I have tried to get myself out of some, I  succeeded in some, others I am still working on, nevertheless, most of them have truly been beneficial.

Some of these groups or the people who added you, into the group most times expect so much from you, I remember one of them that I exited not too long after I exited from the group the lady that added gave me a call and was asking so many questions that I wasn’t even in the best frame of mind to answer.  You see the biggest source of emotional suffering comes from expecting too much from others.

Most times the fault lies with us, expecting too much from friends and family is only asking for trouble, we make unrealistic demands, and when such demands are not met we get angry and that often times severe the ties that bind us together.  That’s one of the loopholes I have discovered in some of this groups, in a bid to have common ties, they sometimes become a nuisance. So how can you manage such relationships and space?


Everyone is different and each of us, have our own social and moral and cultural beliefs. Don’t expect people to do the things you consider to be the right thing to do, even if they do it doesn’t mean they agree with you. Remember you are raised differently what seems to be the “right” with you, might not beseeming right with others. Focus on your beliefs and morals, don’t force yours on others.


You will agree with me that there is a certain feeling of validation you get when people seem to agree with you, you become comfortable, but when the reverse is the case, you get anxious and uptight. It is pointless and really harmful to entertain such negative energy when people don’t angry with you on some grounds.


Afterall you are not perfect either, I think it is safe to always expect that the best of men are men at their best, that way when they fall short of our expectations of them, because they will, just like you and I, We are not too disappointed. Try to be satisfied with the best you can get from others because we all have our limits.


Don’t waste time explaining yourself to others, I used to do that, what matters is you do understand yourself. if they don’t understand you, it doesn’t make you less a person that you are. Quit explaining yourself to others.


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  1. Mema Daisy says:

    I had a moment of realization some time ago about these very same things! Yes, our expectations can set the stage for finding joy or experience unnecessary pain. Thank you Ma! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. whitenoise89 says:

    Loved it .. needed to read something like this right now .. very uplifting


    1. OBA says:

      Thanks for stopping by, and taking time to read through. I am blessed that it worth your while.


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