Commitment precedes resources.

Do you find the Old Testament books hard to read sometimes? I do! My favourites books in the Old testaments are the Psalms, Proverbs and those other ones that are poetic in nature. I tend to read some of those a lot.

As a practice, I have a daily habit of reading 5 chapters of Psalms every day for the whole month and I repeat it month after month, I got this from Christian Artist  John Chisum who came to facilitate a seminar here in Lagos about 3 years ago. 5 psalms a day and in 30 days you would have finished the book of Psalms, and you can repeat the same pattern all year round. I THINK YOU SHOULD TRY IT.

So I am shiting gear to study the person of Ruth, the book of Ruth is quite short and the story is quite intriguing. I know that my posts in the coming week will have a bit of the “Ruth influence” in it.

I know you are familiar with the story of Ruth and Naomi, so I won’t really bore you with the long story, but there are divine principles that lurked with the chapters and verses of the phenomenal book, that can not be overlooked, these principles can be applied to our day to day living.


Ms.Naomi and her husband and their two sons, went to a foreign land for greener pastures, while in the land of sojourn, the inevitable happened, The husband dies, the sons died, now Ms.Naomi is left with two women, who are now widows like her.

Well there is nothing to look forward to in this foreign land she might have thought to herself, so she decided to head back to her home country since the young women were daughters of the foreign land, it would be better they stay back and start life all over again, after all they are still young and beautiful, they can still remarry! As for mama Naomi,”aint nobody got time for that”.

The other lady, after much persuasion, decided to stay back in her home country, but Ms Ruth declined, she won’t stay back, she is going wherever mama Naomi wants to go!

She had lost her husband too, there was no reason for her to hang on to the family name again, especially when it is the mother in law suggesting that she finds her way to a much better life. She made a firm resolute to go where her mother in law goes, and whatever her mother in law does she was ready to do.

ruth and naomi 2

Little did she know that her commitment to stay will lead to all kinds of open doors not just for her, her mother in law and even many generations to come- The result of her commitment made her be in the lineage of the Messiah, who would have thought that a Moabitess, a complete stranger would end up being a great-grandmother to the saviour of mankind.

Commitment is one of the strongest keys to achieving any form of success, in life, in marriage, business, friendship, and all other feats in life. Without commitment, nothing worthwhile and tangible can be achieved, when there is no commitment, there will be hesitations, uncertainty and doubts, but once you resolve to commit to a mission or task, things begin to fall in place.

I started writing a new book last year, but somewhere along the line I lost the book about halfway into finishing the first draft, it was as if I wanted my whole world collapsed. where would I start from? I wanted to give up on it, but the passion burning my heart wouldn’t let me. so I made a commitment to start all over again, As soon as I resolved that, doors started opening, I enrolled in writing classes, got a mentor to help me with accountability and now, the writing is even much better than what I had lost initially, I also learned how to keep my writings against any kind of loss.

The key is to commit –Commitment- the moment you commit, God moves on your behalf and a whole streams of events begin to flow to your advantage, Just like it happened for Ruth.

All manner of unforeseen events, incidents, meetings, people and material assistance that you never thought could happen -begin to occur, when you commit yourself totally and unreservedly.



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  1. bisimodupe1975 says:

    This blessed my heart. I am motivated to remain committed to a number of things I engage in. God bless you.


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