Nuts about Tigernut milk.

The first time I tasted tiger nut milk, I knew that we would be great friends, because it was just so delicious and was not too sweet at all, After that experience, I had become so in love with it that I took it upon myself to find out how it made , I must say that I got a grip on the process and today Tigernut milk has become a part of my family recipe.

Tigernut milk or Kunnu Aya in Hausa, Ofio in Yoruba in Nigeria, and Horchata de chufas in Spain is made from Tigernuts. It is rich, creamy and nutty and great to enjoy. it is not actually a nut in the real sense of it, Tigernuts is a mini tuber, that is grown from the ground.  It tastes and feels soft like coconut, but in its case, it is sweeter than coconut.

Tigernut milk has great nutrient, it aids digestion and it is also lactose and gluten free. One of the reasons I have now become a lover of Tigernut milk is the fact that it enhances the production of breastmilk, ever since I started making it at home, it has helped me in breastfeeding my baby.

How to make tiger nuts milk.

1 -2 Cups of Tigernut

3 cups of water

8- 10 dates.

You can use either the dried Tigernuts or Fresh ones, depending on your preference. The dry nuts will require soaking for 2 days before making, there is no need for soaking if you prefer the fresh ones, you just have to wash properly before blending.

Wash and soak the dates as well for about 2-4 hours, that enables you to remove the seeds. Put the tiger nuts, the soaked dates and water in the blender and blend everything together till it well grounded.

Strain with a dry clean cloth, strainer, into a large bowl or jug.  You can also repeat blending after the first straining, all you just do is put the pulp back into the blender, add water again and blend to get more milk.


After that, you can serve cold by adding ice cubes, I personally think that adding ice cubes will reduce the milky concentration, so I will advise that you refrigerate for about an hour or two before consumption. It is best served Chilled!

P; S. 1.  You can use honey or sugar instead of dates as a sweetener.

2. Whilst storage, the sediments settle at the bottom of the bottle, no worries just shake bottle and drink.

I will share what I made out the pulp after drying for days … watch this space.





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