Collabo! Women Who WordPress 1.

Today, I had the great honour of having this dynamic, tech powerhouse over at my house. And it so happens that today been Wednesday is when I focus my post on Women in general. Moji is a WordPress Exec, here in Lagos, Nigeria, and she has been doing amazing work with the blogging community and WordPress on this side of the globe.

When I started thinking of giving my site a facelift, I thought of Moji and Jackie of acookingpotandtwistedtales.

They both came true for me in terms of insights, advice and every necessary support. When women support other women, incredible things happen. we were talking earlier today, I learnt quite a few things from Moji,  the truth each one of us has our unique tribe regardless of the similarities in what we are doing, and when to understand this  truth, we would realize that we are not in competition, we are not in conflicts, and we are not contending with one another, instead we must complement one another.

I am not talking about feminism, but that the concept of women helping other women actually benefits both parties. It time we get past comparisons amongst ourselves and begin to see the great power we get to dissipate when we join forces together, this empowerment not only benefit us but also benefit the world around us.

I have been blessed by my circle of women, who have shown me tremendous love and supported me, I can’t begin to mention all your names but you all know yourselves, to the amazing women in my space, I want to say thank you for being You! Thank you for showing love and support to other women so that all our shades of awesomeness shines for the world to see.

We are Designer’s Original

The heartbeat of Nations

We are Powerhouses

Womanhood by Design.


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There will a meetup for Women In WordPress at the Lagos WordPress Community check out details hereLagos WordPress Community

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