Get Ready you leave tonight.

Those were the words, she heard her director say to her on the other line. Immediately her jaw dropped, a cold chill overwhelmed from head to toe, she began to shiver and stutter simultaneously, as she asked,”what about my baby”?. she couldn’t just fathom the thought of leaving her almost 8-month-old baby, and travel about 567km by air to Madrid, Spain.

As astonished as she was, tears began to roll down her cheeks. “Why are you crying mummy, you should be excited you are going to Spain”, said her 12-year-old Son,” we will miss you,” he said.

Wiping the tears from her eyes as she tried to pack a few things into her box, all that she could think of was the little baby, she can’t imagine spending a few days away from him. How will they all cope without her? how will the baby cope with breastfeeding?

She’s just a few days away, the news just broke out that the baby she was worried about is doing amazingly well. Now that’s an astonishing news to a mother in Madrid!


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