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It was Monday, April 30th, it has been 3 days since I arrived Madrid, Spain with my brother who is also a music artiste with One Hallelujah Records. The weather in Fuenlabrada has not been favourable considering where we were coming from, Lagos Nigeria is sunny at this time of the year. It is also sunny here but also cold as well.

It so cold that to shower is not so much a choice. The day started quite well, as, at Day 3, the reception from our host was getting better, after breakfast we were going to see a little bit of the City of Madrid, and some other side attractions.

When we finished at the breakfast table, the Lady of the house asked about rearranging their garage in other to dispose of some things that were no longer needed, they were both Missionaries who have been living in Spain for the past 18 years, they had over fifty cartons of books ranging from bibles, to commentaries, to children books, non-fiction, fictions and so much more, I had never seen so many books.Then the Lady of the House said, ” If you see any book that you like you can take”. I was like “For real”?

I was already overjoyed seeing so many books , now hearing her say we can take any book we like, that feeling was like a child who had just been given the liberty to have as many toys as I want. I picked one book after another as they resonated with me, at the end of the day, I got myself 6 books, that I am taking back with me to Nigeria, I know that these books will help me further in the growth in the different areas of life. I wouldn’t have believed that I will be going away with these classics, so grateful for this blessing. If I don’t get to buy myself anything on this trip, these books are just enough for me.

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