In the Air. #myspanishexperience1.

One of my favourite things is watching a good movie, especially movies that speak to my heart, challenge my perspectives to certain things in life, and also have a great sense of humour.

Watching a movie in the aeroplane is a whole new ballgame entirely, that space in time where there is no disturbance except if you have to go use the convenience, that way you can pause the device, and continue from where you stopped earlier. I love that experience, no disturbance, no noise, with the earpiece connected to the device and plugged into my ears, I can hear the soundtrack of the choice movie clearly and distinctly almost pick out each instrument of the music.

in the air

Much more than that I get to hear, the dialogue of the characters on screen and make sense out of every communication, even with the twist and turns of the scripts.

I had such a wonderful experience on this short trip I had to Spain a few days ago. It was a dream come true, even though it came unexpectedly, that I had to travel on the day  Fr my visa was ready. It was just a 6 days visa, by the evening of the Friday, I was at the airport waiting to board for my destination, Madrid Spain.

Getting all the necessary information at the airport was a little stressful because of some information got to me at the very last minute and I had to respond. Once we were airborne, I was ready to forget all the hassles and stress of immigration and looking forward to an amazing 6 days in the City of Madrid.

I sat down on my seat, with the belt already fastened as one of the cabin crews, had instructed, the passenger next to me already dim the overhead light, almost ready to go into the slumber zone, even though my eyes were heavy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep through that 6-7hour journey, I better do something else, because I couldn’t read the inspirational novel I had on me, the light was too dim to make sense of any kind of reading.

I opted for movies, instead, as I scrolled up and down the list of the latest movie on the entertainment device, I found one that appealed to me…

Poorna, Courage has no limit…


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  1. simpledimple says:

    It’s nice to know you had an amazing time in Spain even though it was brief. Just like you, I enjoy watching movies too especially on a long trip. Welcome back! 🙂


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