The dark suspense of a love night. #writephoto.


It was a huge magnificent building, as they proceeded into the hallway, the whole place was lit up sparkling with bright lights from the chandeliers hanging from above, this place has a twist to it, there was this feeling excitement on one hand as they proceed to check out the edifice inside out.

There was also the feeling of Mystery as one end of this gigantic building sends forth a dark suspense of a lonely night. Juliana is not feeling comfortable as she thought she was when Brian first suggested they go check out the strange building on the end of the street.

Hey Julie, as Brian fondly call her. “let go down the street later today, I hear there is a party coming up tonight at that infamous house.” Brian said. Juliana, stepped back a few steps, almost stumbling on the box of papers on the floor.

Brian quickly held her from the back, helping her to steady her feet carefully,” it would be nice to finally see what’s in that strange place finally.

Though Juliana, never liked the idea, she had been convinced by her never-say-never best friend and now there was no turning back, Brian won’t take no for an answer.

As they approach the stairs leading up to the stairs, Julie felt a cold sensation all over her, she began to dread this adventure, as she sensed that her fingers were getting numb.

Brian, she shouted out”,  grabbing him by the sleeve of his yellow striped long T-shirt. “let’s get out of here, I don’t wanna go along with this sick joke any longer”. 

I am here with you darl, you know you’re always safe with me,” he chuckled.

Julie couldn’t understand why He was so calm and smiling, in what seems like a trouble in wonderland adventure, But Brian knew better because he had something up his sleeve that Julie didn’t know about.

As they made the ascent up the stairway, the darker it became. Julie began to hear strange sounds that made her even more afraid, she held tightly to Brian’s hands as a one holding on to dear life, by this time, Brian brought out a small torch from his pocket and lit it, but the light from the tiny torch couldn’t comprehend the dark hallway,the tiny ray made way for them slowly, until they got to the last door,

Brian knelt down by the door, holding Julie’s right hand, there was a huge smile on his face as he brought out a small parcel from his left pocket.

“Will you marry me”?suddenly the door flung open and a riotous shout came from the big room, “surprise”

everyone in the room holding in their hands all sizes and shapes of torchlight.

“Julie, darling, You light up my world”, “will you marry me?

She couldn’t hold the tears of joy running down her cheeks like the River Niger in its boisterous intensity.


(c. OBA2018. All Rights Reserved.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. simpledimple says:

    I just smiled reading this piece. I love the surprise and happy ending to it. 🙂


    1. OBA says:

      Thanks dear Sis, I’m trying to hone my skills in writing fiction .#Lol.


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