Fear and Greed, Random Musings #78.

shining face

Fear, Greed, two powerful words that connote negatives. When unchecked these two can lead us to actions there are desperate and out of character.

Fear can a man think that his circumstances are worse than they are actually are. Greed will make him think that He is better than what his real present.

These two, can distort our perceptions of reality and make us do things that are actually antithetical to what we are supposed to be doing.

Is it possible to live without fear and greed entirely? Hmmm!, I sigh. is it safe to say that we need both to function as a mortal, but we can’t just afford to go to the extremes with both of them.

I’m thinking fear is present when you are trying to protect your child( parental inclinations. Greed is also present when you accept something from another person. so much of the things we do stems out of the need for security and meaning or significance in life.

How do you draw the line? How far can you go to recognise and say, ‘No”! to Fear and Greed?

Fear brings Torment!



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  1. I like the idea of working with fear. I think when we can learn to use fear as momentum to grow and move toward our dreams its no longer a negative thing, instead it becomes a motivator. Great post! Xx

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    1. OBA says:

      Hmmm! good thought there,”when we learn to use fear as a momentum for growth and progression, it becomes a motivator! #deeptruth. Thanks for your contributions.


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