Today’s Word.

It’s a cold Tuesday Morning on this side of the globe. This is the day that the Lord has mad, we have every reason to be thankful. I bring you word from the scriptures today as part of my daily psalmic treasures from the book of Psalms.

PSALM 58:10. You can read the entire Psalm 58, the verses to meditate upon is 58:6-11.

The whole chapter talks about the Just Judgement of the wicked, and how God in his Omnipotence will bring the activities of the enemy of our souls to an end.

In every area of our lives, this scripture is saying to us that “Justice will triumph”. It doesn’t matter the areas of life where you are experiencing injustice, because you are the righteousness of God in Christ, Justice will triumph for you at the end of the day.

Therefore do not try to repay evil for evil, Instead,  let the Love of God that is shed abroad in your heart overwhelm you to do good and give good in return.


All men shall be forced by the sight of the final judgement to see that there is a God and that he is the righteous ruler of the world.


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