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sfarmer plant

Have you been waiting to see the fruit of God’s promises? Have you asked yourself over and over again? when shall it be? or like Mary, how shall these things be?

I know I have, asked questions severally, even now, I still do. sometimes it’s hard to hope for a miracle- It’s harder to believe in what God says when you faced with a different reality, I’ve been there, done that.

As we look into the perfect law of liberty, going through the pages of the scriptures, we see countless reflections of the same struggles. smile, you are not alone in this.

Take a look: David is waiting to be appointed as king, Joseph waiting in Prison, Abraham and Sarah waiting for a child, the woman with the issue of blood waiting for her healing. What about blind Bartimeous, waiting for the saviour to pass by. Even Our Lord, Yeshua had to wait for his ministry to begin

How did they endure those years of waiting? How were they able to cope with long and lonely nights when it seemed that God was far away?  She judged him faithful who had promised. Hebrews 11:11b.

This verse of scripture emphasized the fact that, though Sarah was long gone in terms of her biological clock, she found the strength to conceive a seed because she considers that God is faithful to all His promises no matter how long it took for the physical performance of those promises.

The faithfulness of God manifests in the fruitfulness in our lives.

Dear Friend, be encouraged with this post today, that God is ever faithful, He will not go back on His words, Because it is not in his nature to lie. His promises for you and I will see the light of day, Just hold on, and Wait!

Do have a fabulous weekend.


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