Happy Mother’s Day.

Sitting in between them

surrounded by boys

All hovering over her

like the little chicks

all around the mother hen

The echo of their voices

permeate the air

as they all resounds the words,”mommy”

This superpower woman

the knower of the many unexplainable

This superwoman

who bears all unbearable

tantrums, screams, cries and all the in-betweens.

Mother, Momma, Mama, Mom, Iya

from angry retorts, emotional outburst,

a wink, a smile, a healing hug plus the hi-fives

All these and more

make up her superpowers

Yet she wears her robe of a mother with so much

delicateness and joy.

mother dat


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in the world.

(c.OBA2018. All Rights Reserved.

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