Today’s Word.


psalm 62

As we walk through the book of Psalm together, discovering daily treasures that made King David, a man after God’s heart and try to apply those treasures and nuggets to our everyday life. Today’s word comes from  Psalm 62.

VERSE 2: “He only is my rock and my salvation”. using a metaphor sometimes makes may be more full of meaning than using the literal speech. Hence the use of the word “rock’, mere mentioning this word awakens gratitude in the mind of the psalmist of memories of victories won when he was confronted with woes on all sides and had to find solace in rocky caverns, we see David comparing God to such a secure refuge and indeed declare the almighty God as the real protection.

The all-sufficient God in himself who never fails. at the same time he also wrote that God wasn’t just his rock, but also his salvation, it wasn’t just a poetic sentiment but a gracious reality. he went further to describe God as his defence, another bolder image;

“I shall not be moved”. David’s personal weakness might cause him to be somewhat moved in the face of any tribulation, just like you and I, but his faith would come in to prevent any kind of disturbance so that he is not tossed about, we are also encouraged to engage our faith in God when the turbulence of life blows.

When a man knows with great assurance that the Lord is his “salvation” he cannot be cast down.

It would need more than all the devils in hell greatly to alarm a heart that know God to be its salvation. it is always best to make God our priority, to put God first and then we may confront our enemies.

Make all sure with heaven, then you can grapple with earth and hell.

Meditate on this: Psalm 62:1-4


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