Today’s Word.


We continue today in our daily treasure from the Psalm, still on Psalm 62. Our emphasis today is on

VERSE 5: “My soul, wait silently for God alone”.

psalm 62;5

When we have practised a virtue, it is very important that we continue in it, our soul is apt to be dragged away from its anchorage by life’s ups and downs, or often tempted to add a second confidence to the one sole and sure ground of reliance.

We must, therefore, stir ourselves up to maintain that holy position of being still. submitting completely to God, trusting him immovably, and waiting patiently on Him, we must never allow the devices of the enemy, imaginings, consulting, flatteries cause us to break the King’s peace.

How can we be like the sheep before the shearers, or be like our Lord and saviour conquer by the passive resistance of victorious patience? We can only achieve this, as we are inwardly persuaded of God’s presence as we wait solely on God.

We expect from God what we believe in him. the expectation is the child of prayer and faith, we should desire nothing except that which is right for God to give, then our expectation would be all from God.

Our expectations are on the way and in due season will arrive to satisfy our hopes. Happy is the man who feels that all he has, all he wants and all he expects are to be found in his God.

Meditate on this: Psalm 62:5-12

Submit yourself completely, trust immovably, wait patiently.



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