#SOCS. Empty hollow.

It’s stream of consciousness Saturday, and Linda has asked us to use Empty and/or Hollow.

socs badge

The hall was packed full of people

I have never seen such great crowd, I mean it was massive.

All these people out here just to see me!

I felt a little jittery

My feet began to wobble as I made my way up the podium.

I managed to mutter a  few words of prayer under my breath

Oh Lord, You have to help this girl,

There is a hollow inside

Only you can fill it up

Once you fill to overflowing

I can sing of your love unending.

As I grasp the microphone

I could feel His overwhelming embrace

Goosebumps from head to toe

My empty was exchanged

With Love’s fullness

As I sang my heart out.


(c.OBA2018. All Rights Reserved.


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