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PSALM 64:9

All men shall fear,

And shall declare the work of God;

For they shall wisely consider His doing.

Recently, I was watching my little baby, as he was playing and giggling and trying to make out a sound in his excitement, and I was filled with awe as I remembered the circumstances surrounding his birth.

The memory’s still very fresh like it happened yesterday, I remembered how I was laid in the Operating room, and heavily sedated, I could hear the baby’s crying as he was brought out from my opened belly. I am filled with Awe, because the tiny baby that was placed on phototherapy for days, is bouncing around with so much joy and liveliness.

Verse 9; All men shall fear, the fear been referred to here is the  “reverential fear”, another word is “in awe”, just like the Canaanites were at the overthrowing of Pharaoh and His chariots in the Red Sea. It is that reverential fear,  that God in his infinite mercy would step into situations that look hopeless, turn it around and gain glory for himself alone such that when men hear, it causes mere mortals to tremble at the sovereignty of God.

They shall declare the work of God, it will become the subject of a general conversation. When people see the amazing work of God in our lives, they begin to talk about God’s faithfulness through our lives, which makes their faith also to be strong, they will declare the wonderful works of God, as they ponder and marvel at the works of His hands.

On the other hand as well, when it seems as if, certain promises are taking long to manifest, and our souls want to begin “the weary wanderer” journey, that is a good time to reflect on the Providence of God. The observation of God’s providence increases our faith in the times of weariness. When we meditate on what God has done, it builds strength in us to keep on moving on with the assurance that Faithful is He who has promised.

Verse 10: The righteous shall be glad in the Lord. Admiring his justice and faithfulness in a display will cause an overwhelming joy to overflow in our hearts as we meditate on Him…

The whole host of God’s chosen shall rejoice in the triumph of virtue.

Meditate on this Psalm 64: 1-10.


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  1. Maggie says:

    I loved reading this verse! And hearing your story was a beautiful testimony. ❤ Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. OBA says:

      Thanks Maggie, thanks for stopping by.


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