Mr Follow-Follow.(Understanding the dynamics of Mentoring)

Revisiting this topic of mentoring, I wrote this about two years ago. It is still very apt today. Do have a good read. Thanks


If you don’t follow, you won’t be followed.

Mr follow follow Fela’s design for album .Mr follow follow.

I guess if you are following or you are been followed , we can safely call you Mr or Mrs. Follow-follow.

Knowing where you are going is the first step to getting there.

So where are you going?

Also bear in mind that what you are trying to do, or better still where you are trying to get to. Has someone already been there? Of course Yes, someone has already achieved what you are aiming at.

Two weeks ago, I taught at the weekly service of my local assembly, and I shared a few insight on Mentoring. I had written a post about mentoring in the early days of blogging. Now I am revisiting the subject with the aim of deeper and better understanding.

In my homeland, we have this cliche’Mr. Follow-follow’ made popular by the…

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