Park Avenue. #writephoto.


It was on Park Avenue

There we first met

You were on the other side

Walking briskly in between them, the trees

I sat on this side under the umbrella

provided by the trees as they spread the wings,

As a cover for all and sundry.

It was a surreal moment as our eyes met.

The glow from your face,

Sent vibes way down my spine.

Then and There

I knew we would be doing

Together better forever.

Yes, the birds’ witness

That moment of magic

Under the bright canopy

Of green branches as they

serenades with their chirpings.

Here we are again,

many years down the line,

Hand in hand,

You and I,

Under the love canopy

Where it all began

On Park Avenue.


(c. OBA2018. All Rights Reserved.

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