Today’s Word.


You visit the earth and water it,

You greatly enrich it;

The river of God is full of water,

You provide their grain,

For so you have prepared it.

God’s visit leaves a blessing behind. This is more than can be said of every visitor. When the Lord goes on visitations of mercy, he has an abundance of necessary things for his needy creature.

ps 659

Imagine a gardener surveying his garden and giving water to every plant that requires water, not in small quantities, a drenching experience until the earth is soaked with a rich supply of refreshment. That’s what this scripture is painting for us, in describing God in his providence towards his creatures.

The second line of the psalm says: You greatly enrich it- a great amount of money could not enrich mankind as the showers do. The soil is made rich by the rain, and then yield its riches to man, but God is the first giver of all.

How truly rich are those who are enriched with grace, they have great riches.

The brooks of the earth are soon dried up, all human resources being finite are also liable to failure. But God’s provision for the supply of rain is inexhaustible, indeed there is no bottom or shore to his “river”. a drenching rain poured from the clouds of yesterday may be succeeded by another tomorrow, yet the waters above the firmament shall not fail.

How true this is in the realm of grace.

Meditate on this; Psalm 65:5-13.


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