Out of the ashes…The story of Oluseyi Oyedeji.

It’s a wonderful Wednesday, a great day. you do know what I do on Wednesday, it that time I celebrate women doing exploits within my circle of influence all over the world on my ‘Womanhood by Design Page.

Today, I am super elated because I have the honour of interviewing an Amazon, a woman of great beauty and strength. When I was contemplating about the title of this interview, I heard a song whispered to me.

It goes like this;

Out of the ashes of my dying today

I see the breaking of a brand new day

In which the name of the Lord alone is glorified

I see the breaking of a brand new day.

Indeed her story is that of one brought out from the ashes, after losing her 1st husband in the 1st year of their marriage with an unexpected pregnancy, her world was crumbled and shattered…

Many years after, she is now an epitome of Isaiah 61: 3, beauty from ashes. without further ado, let’s meet our guest.

May we know you?

My name is Mrs Oluseyi Oyedeji nee Oshewa. I am a mother, wife, career woman, entrepreneur and a passionate lover of God. A graduate of Psychology from Ekiti State University, MSc in Managerial Psychology from the University of Lagos and Msc management and Information systems from Cranfield University. I am the founder of Franomo events and a community outreach called Inspiring Young Widows and Single Parents.


How long have you been married?

I have been married now for 6 years by the grace of God.

Before your second marriage, you were married and lost your first husband, can you tell us about your experience when you were widowed? 

Hmm! it was a difficult and trying time but looking back now, indeed God is faithful and he is able to turn every form of mourning into dancing.

I became a widow at the age of 28, after a year I got married, my life was shattered with nothing to live for, my self-esteem collapsed and the emptiness in me was unexplainable. I remember asking for garri to drink when the news was broke to me, everyone thought I was going insane (lol.

I remember quoting the same scripture David quoted after he lost his son, “I prayed and fasted think that peradventure the Lord will have mercy and restore his soul but now that he is gone, there is nothing to be done”. So I went to shower and asked for food.

Then the unexpected happened, I found out that I was Pregnant! Jesus!!, what have I done to deserve all these wickedness. I was overwhelmed with many thoughts and different ideas and option but I chose to believe God and stand by his word, I tell you that was the most traumatic season of my life.

I kept the pregnancy and gave birth to a special bundle of Joy, God gave me a special name for the baby-Temidolaninuoluwa. Indeed the Lord has been good to me. Thank you, Jesus.

During my widowhood season, God positioned several people to help ease my pain, gave my son a miracle godfather, indeed God is the true husband of widows and father to the fatherless. After 8 years of widowhood, God gave me a new song. Indeed Lord is awesome. I remarried again 8 years after.

How did your In-laws take the news of your remarriage?

They were very supportive and gave me their blessings. God is faithful.

How did you cope with absorbing your kids into your new home?

Many are the thoughts in a man’s heart but only the plan of God is established. I am truly grateful for the man God brought into my life and my pastors, they helped us in transition, which gave us a great foundation.

We often hear that passion is borne out pain, your mess becomes your message. Can you tell us about your community outreach IYWS?


Inspiring Young Widows and Single Parents IYWS is a vision the Lord gave me to help young widows and single mothers. It was borne out the necessity to give care and support system to those in that category. during my journey of widowhood I didn’t have the avenue to share my pains and struggles as a young widow, a lot of people didn’t want to associate with me, thinking maybe I was under some kind of curse- you know the African mindset. Hence I didn’t have a medium to share what was going on with me but for my family.

The aim of IYWS to reach all young widows, widowers and single parents and provide support to those who’ve lost their partners at a young age, The support is an all-rounder- emotional, financial, physical etc.

We create an avenue for them to share their experiences and give support through the time of bereavement holding hands and walking with them every step of the way. The community outreach is absolutely free, it is targeted mainly at widows from 25-55, providing free confidential counselling support, finance advice, career advice, support for the immediate family and help towards their children education and wellbeing.

We had our first outreach in dec 2017, it was a free dinner/awareness and uplifting night to encourage people to share their experiences and talking with each other to alleviate their feeling of loneliness.

we also encourage the young widows amongst our community to remarry just as the Bible encourages young widows to do, but we are not a dating site .lol.

What is the one thing you wished you knew when you were younger?.

Pursue your dreams early, believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to dare great ideas.

What project/accomplishment would you consider the most significant in your life and career?

Oh! Restored by Grace, a concert we had in 2017, looking forward to another in 2018. I wanted to celebrate God’s faithfulness through worship and God made it possible, and also the opportunity to work with  Widows /Single mothers and their children.

How do you juggle all these roles and functions to create a balance at home and at work?

I am not sure I have the perfect answer, but God has always been my pillar, I am very passionate about the vision God has given me to run with. I am still learning and do not take anything for granted. Event planning/decoration is also in my DNA, I can do it all day any day. I am thankful for the support I get from my immediate family.

Wow, what an interesting time I had there with Mrs Seyi Oyedeji, convener of Inspiring Young widows and single parents IYWS, and CEO Franomo Events.

You can reach via her social media platforms;

Facebook: Seyi Oshewa

Facebook Page: Inspiring Young Widows and Single Parents.

Instagram: @franomo_events


Garri – A cassava granules commonly in western africa nations especially Nigeria.


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  1. Yetunde says:

    Really good initiative! I like the simplicity of the writing and the inspirational story. Thank you for sharing OBA.


    1. OBA says:

      thanks so much for the feedback, and for stopping by.


  2. Adebisi Adetunji M. says:

    Inspiring… Faithful is he that has called us


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