Today’s Word.


Come and see the works of God

He is awesome in His doing towards the sons of men.

It was such a glorious event as the cleaving of the Red Sea and the overthrow of Pharaoh and his chariots. And throughout all time a voice still sounds forth concerning those standing wonders of God.


Have you taken time to ponder look at what God has done in your life? Have you be given any reason to marvel at His wonder that you exclaim to all, “Come and See”?. Reminds me of the song of praise we sing in church.

Come and see the Lord is good 

Come and see the Lord is good

There is nothing He cannot do

Come and see the Lord is good.

Till the close of the age, the marvellous works of God all through the pages of scripture will be the subject of meditation and Praise, Imagine standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire, the triumphal armies of heaven sing the song of the servant of God, Moses and the song of the Lamb.

What about the passion of Christ? The sacrifice on Calvary’s tree to save humanity. Indeed God is awesome in His doing towards the sons of men.

For the defence of the Church and the overthrow of her foes, The sovereign God deals terrible blows and strikes the mighty with fear. Remember the plagues that bowed the will of Pharaoh, or drowning of Egypt’s chariot in the Red Sea. what about the wall of Jericho crashing down just because men danced around the wall severally, is it the scattering off of the Canaanites before the tribes.

The list is endless, this same God still lives and is to worshipped with trembling reverence.

Verse 6;” He turned the sea into dry land”. The sea became a pathway, an express road fit for the traffic of a whole nation.

The same God who did this way back is still in the business of wrought Jaw-dropping mind-blowing miracles.

This is our confidence that as Christians on a journey heavenward no obstacle can stand in our way, in this earth realm. Nothing can stand in the way of the man/woman who trusts in the Lord, even when the circumstances seems impossible, the red sea will give way when God’s presence is felt.

Just look at what God has done and let praise break out from you to Him who is worthy of your Adoration.

Meditate on this: Psalm 661-7


(c. OBA 2018.


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