Choosing Courage Over Perfection.

Most girls are taught avoid risk and failure, we are taught to smile pretty and play it safe. The boys, on the other hand, are taught to be risk takers, daring and fearless in whatever their pursuit may be. That’s why by the time they get into adulthood, whether in the boardroom negotiating a raise or asking a girl out on a first date, the menfolk already knows how to take a risk in life because they’ve been taught that life itself is a risk.


Check out how young children respond to a task in their class, the young boys find such task energising and challenging, an exciting and fun opportunity to take the risk, on the other you see the intelligent girls more likely to give up.

The difference is in how both parties approach a challenging situation, which is still true today, while it is true that most men will apply for a job even when they are not a hundred per cent qualified, women, will rather not apply. This pattern is a lifelong cycle that has to be truncated if we must raise a new breed of young girls who will not afraid of imperfection.

We as parents have to socialise our daughters to embrace imperfection as they strive to be bold and courageous in their pursuits as they experience failure or setbacks because they will.

The onus is on us to educate them early enough to be brave and not just perfect, teach them to embrace failure and take risks in life. courage and bravery are inherent virtues that must be imbued in our daughters, sisters, not perfectionism, wanting to be perfect or waiting for perfect timing has hindered a lot of us from attaining our full potentials on time.

Our older womenfolk need to know that they are loved and accepted not because of their perfection but because of their brevity and they need to show the younger generations of women to choose courage over perfection.


© OBA 2018.

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