Random Musing #84.

There  is an opportunity and an upgrade hidden within our adversity if only you know where to look.

Nobody likes to go through any type of trouble no matter how minute or seemingly infinitesimal it may be. whilst the experience may be painful, if you look closely you will out that there is a refinement of character and purpose that comes with that “trouble package”.

The question is, “where is your focus? is it on the positives or on the negatives.


©OBA 2018.



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  1. Hello Oba, Goodmorning,well done! May the Lord perfect all that concerns you,family and Ministry. Took out some time to read some of your write ups and I must say,keep it up. They are a blessing and inspiring read. May you be replenished, inspired more and fulfilled in all that God has called you to be and do. Greetings to your husband and the children. Shalom.

    Much love: Pastora Taiwo.



    1. OBA says:

      Hello Pastora Taiwo,great to hear from you,thanks for your constant support. Amen and AMEN Sis, regards to everyone too.

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