The plague of discontentment.

Every Wednesday, I try to write to write on Womanhood- Celebrating every day woman one way or another, This is one of my old write-ups, it is very relevant today. Do have a good read. Kindly share as well. *wink*


celebrating womanhood

Every woman I know has had to deal with the plague of discontentment at one point or the other, deep within us is that cry for more! Which makes us dissatisfied with the present situation we find ourselves.

As women, we are known to complain about everything, at every stage of life, no matter the status we are in. we are dissatisfied when we see other women doing the things we desire,  and looking altogether without any problem. (sounds too good to be true though!

But the truth of the matter is this, no matter how much we have, there will always be someone who has more. Discontentment is a general disease plaguing not only the money-challenged people, or the uneducated, even the very rich and affluent ones suffer discontentment.

Why are discontented? The picture that comes to my mind as I write is the occurrence in the garden of…

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    1. OBA says:

      Awww .Much much love Sis, You just melted my heart .Gracias muchas.


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