Chinedum Akiti- Diego- Zwoman Extraordinaire.

Welcome to Womanhood by Design, a place for celebrating all women, every woman. Today I am celebrating a sister, who is blazing trails in her own capacity, living her every day with a strong sense of purpose and intention.

Sitting down with her at the Country Club Ikoyi was an exciting experience because it is never a dull moment with this amazing powerhouse. Join me as we explore the world of Chinedum Akiti Diego a Z-woman extraordinaire.

  Me: Tell us about yourself.

Chinedu:  My name is Chinedum Akiti-Diego, daughter of God, on earth born of AVM Victor Chukwukamadu and Linda Nkechi Akiti. Wife to Kingsley Diego.


Me: What do you do for a living?

Chinedum: I am a woman of many parts. I write I’m a certified life coach, and also an HR Practitioner.

 Me: You are the president and the convener of the Z-woman platform, could you tell what the Z-woman is all about?

Chinedum: Hmm, in Numbers 27:1-5 we are introduced to 5 powerful women( this is the first time women are named with genealogy like men are. These women rejected a  law that impedes them because their father had no sons. in so doing they became the first inheritors of land and changed the world, not just for themselves but forever and as such, they proved that God is not a bigot who prefers men and that many things going wrong on the earth might just be waiting for women who would speak with ONE VOICE.

Zwoman is a gathering to prepare such women for the days ahead. The vision is to build ordinary women into extraordinary women who will change the world through the power of God and through their personal and corporate power as well.

Me: What will you consider to be your highest calling in life?

Chinedum: My highest calling is to be a true ambassador of the kingdom of heaven on the earth.

Me: What is one profound lesson you have learnt in your years of marriage?

Chinedum: There are many lessons I have learnt in my journey of marriage, but one profound truth that I have discovered is that God has not called us to change anyone, He’s called us to change ourselves not our spouses or children. His call is for us to become the best version of ourselves according to his blueprint, I believe when we truly understand that, the marital journey will be a lot easier.

Me: You recently launched two books, that’s a huge milestone I must say. Can you share your writing journey with us?

Chinedum:  It’s been a long journey, I have been writing since I was 8 but only got to be published at 40. Ther were so many fears like who will read what I write? Am I qualified to write at all? and so many other factors coupled with the fact that our reading culture on this side of the globe is really poor. At some point, I just felt certain that it was time for people to hear what I had to say, so I took the leap and the risk, so glad I did.

Chinedum’s books: Raising Daughters in a changing world and  The Call.

Me: What is that one thing you wished you knew when you were much younger?

Chinedum:  {Sigh!} I wish I knew my purpose much earlier, it would have saved me so much time and empowered better choices.

Me: What do you struggle with?

Chinedum: Laughs. Because I am a woman of many parts, my major struggle is managing my managing my many interests

Me: This platform is called “Womanhood by Design” and the aim is to showcase and celebrate women from all works of life who are doing great exploit in their own way, with the understanding of doing together better. what is your take on #womensupportingwomen?

Chinedum: As women, we have believed too many lies about ourselves, and unless we exchange those lies for the truth, God’s truth about us, we will waste God’s resources on us. Women need strong mentors at every level, just like Bible encourages Older women to teach younger women and vis a vis. we can just be satisfied with being pretty faces and bodies alone, there is a lot embedded in the twist and curve of every woman, vast resources lurked in our loins. We need to look out for one another, support, encourage and all that we have to do, to make sure that every woman within our sphere of influence becomes all that God has designed them to be… without the feeling of insecurity and all that negatives.

Me: I know you are also a strong advocate for transformational leadership at all level and strata of life, Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Chinedum: In the next 5 years among many goals that I see myself achieving, to have my PhD, National and International Leadership.

Me: Wow  Thank you so much for this time spent with you and for granting this one-on-one wishing all the best in your pursuit.

Chinedum: Thanks for having me OBA, keep up the good work, seek collaboration and determine to be wealthy for yourself and the kingdom you represent.

What an amazing time there with Chinedum Akiti-Diego a dynamic woman doing great exploits and touching others with her gift, You can also reach Chinedum via her social media handles Instagram @chinedudiego_

Till I bring another person next time.


Remember, Woman!

That you are  Designer’s Original

You are not an after-thought

The world is waiting for You.

I celebrate you.


©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved


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  1. Rachel Ann says:

    Lovely interview and inspirational woman. I loved what she said about marriage and her perspective of constant growth for oneself to become the best version we can be.


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