You wanna be happy? Give up…

The other day, I woke up rather upset and angry, I didn’t know the reason for my anger, but I knew I wasn’t happy. Could it have been as a result of the dream I had, wait a minute I can’t remember the dream I had? I struggled with that unhappy state of mind until I had to consciously speak out some affirmations.

There are many factors that are responsible for one’s happiness and sometimes you can go overboard in the pursuit of that happiness that you sometimes end up saddened. So if you really want to be happy, you had better give up!

Yes, you heard right, ‘GIVE UP”.

  1. GIVE UP your delay to be HAPPY- Many of us are filled with great dreams of how the future is going to pan out, we are so caught up in the web of tomorrow’s happiness that you simply forget the blessedness of the moment. To truly be happy is to be conscious of the present moment and all its details of intricacies and life’s complexities, blessings and all the in-betweens.
  2. GIVE UP guilt- A lot of people have been crippled by the guilt they carry as a result of one bad choice or the other, this guilt has eaten so deep into them that it has rubbed them of finding lasting happiness.  when they come close to experiencing some form of joy and happiness, that guilt wades in like an unwelcome guest and demoralises them.  No one is ever perfect, we all are cumulative results of choices we made either good or bad. so if you are someone in this category, it is time to let go of the guilt limiting your joy, let go and move on, life’s full of perfect imperfections.
  3. GIVE UP your baggage- Let go of the things that happened in the past, loads of disappointment, past errors, missed opportunities that have become a heavy burden you are carrying about, that baggage that won’t let you stand tall and square your shoulder, give it up, because your past is part of episodes of your journey to be the best version of you.
  4. GIVE UP negative thoughts- You know that thoughts have a presence and what you consistently think about you become, you can not be a happy person if all you think about are negative thoughts. So stop feeding your mind and life with thoughts of inadequacies or limitations, rid yourself of toxic thoughts and watch how your life takes a beautiful turn.
  5. GIVE UP Anger-I have always vented my anger at every given opportunity especially with the children, most of the time  becoming unhappy with them, other times it might be towards a friend, but I often discover that getting angry over minor fleeting annoyance just amplifies the bad feelings more, not expressing your anger allows it to dissipate. If you must be happy, give up been angry at the slightest provocation.
  6. GIVE UP excuses- it is what it is, excuses! whatever reasons you may have for not experiencing the joy and happiness that you ought to be enjoying are all excuses, find a way out of all your excuses, you are never too old to start all over again.


Photo Tyler Kaslik Courtesy


©OBA 2018.

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