Random Musings.#86.

Who is in control?

As a mother of a little baby, I have noticed that just like his older brothers, my little prince is a strong-willed child. Over the weekend I had to attend a function where I was to perform. I didn’t have any of my volunteer drivers around- I don’t like driving myself if I have to go out with the baby to avoid distractions.

So  I had to drive with the boys in the car, and guess what it wasn’t long that our little “oga” started throwing tantrums- He wanted my attention so desperately, and my inability to respond resulted in intense crying that even his older siblings were fed up and worn out because he wouldn’t just stop crying.

I couldn’t stop the car at that because we were in the middle of a crazy traffic that was making a motorist a bit edgy and apprehensive, at that point, all I could think of was how to make the baby stop crying, I wished I had one of those elixirs to make him sleep.

About an hour from home, whilst we were still the snail-like motion traffic, now feeling very tired and exhausted, I noticed there was an unusual quietness from the back seat, all the boys had slept off, the little lad laid on the chest of his brother fast asleep after all the tantrums and crying, this was after his older one took him out of the car seat, holding him in a vise grip. After so much struggle and fighting against his brother- my little lad slept and so did the others.

Apparently, he didn’t want to sleep, he wanted me to carry him, which wasn’t possible at that time and he wanted to win, it could have been a much easier and less stressful trip for us all if he had just slept.

Why am I talking about a baby not wanting to sleep and trying to get attention at all cost, it is because like that little lad we adult are like as well, we fight to maintain our control over people, our circumstance and even the future- we like to be in charge, we use our willpower to try to paint the world to our liking, only to find out in due time that we are  not in control.

We can’t hold a relationship together just by willpower alone, we can’t prevent a mishap from happening, we can’t hold back the rain or force our children to obey us.

You will agree with me that there is plenty of proofs in nature to suggest that God is in control, whether you accept the concept of biblical creation or not. I am amazed at how as a nursing mother, the breastmilk that my baby eat is made out of whatsoever I decide to eat and it is converted to the appropriate nutrient needed for my child at every given stage of growth and development.

Our heartbeat consistently to the rhythm of life, gravity continue to hold us to the ground, all because God wants it to. What would be the outcome of life if we rested in the knowledge that whatever comes our way is because God allows it, so that when the unthinkable and the waves of life blows in our direction with a terrifying intensity, we are comforted by the fact God is still on our side and will grant us the strength to go through the storms when life’s billow roar!


©OBA 2018.

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  1. Rachel Ann says:

    Vital words, you spoke right to my core. Great connections to your thoughts. Thank you for this post!


    1. OBA says:

      Wow! thankful that I posted it, you know I almost didn’t want to. so glad you were blessed by it.

      Liked by 1 person

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