Savour every moment.

Don’t forget as you journey through this week, to capture great moments with you, your friends and loved ones. Take it upon your self to   Peace and love ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Monday Motivation.

It’s a beautiful Monday, the beginning of another exciting working week. I trust you had a fabulous weekend. One word that kept resonating in my heart over the weekend was the word “Surrender”, This is an unpopular word that is rarely used because it creates an unpleasant image when you just think about it. It…

Pursue your Dream. 2

Follow after that dream Regardless of life’s intricacies Pursue, follow through Never fear, never despair With total dedication And rugged faith Without fear of what tomorrow brings Keep pressing forward Never look back Step out of the box Go over the box Turn it into a mat Lie on the box Just do something with…

Pursue your dreams.

All of us are born for a specific purpose. It does not matter if your dream is too great or too tiny, if God puts it in your heart, its time to pursue it- It’s time to follow through with it. Don’t give up. If it’s as large as a non-profit organisation or as small…

Random Musings. 95

Whoever digs a pit will into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back at him. In life everything is is about the way you respond or react, you will get that same response and reaction back. What you do to other people and for other people will be done to…

Understanding Others…a universal Language.

The other day at a function, one of my team members refused to go ahead with the job at hand with the excuse that he had a nagging headache and he couldn’t continue. He needed to rest he said, but the truth of the matter was that every one of us was tired at that…

Wordless Wednesday.

I had to go into the archives to fetch this picture out. Any guess what I was doing here? The answer is too obvious though. xoxo   Shalom ©OBA 2018.All Rights Reserved.    

Monday Motivation.

YOU EXIST FOR GOD. I have found out that it is quite impossible to do life and arrive at life”s purpose by starting with a focus on you. You and I are here on this side of eternity present because God wills it. Therefore it is expedient and critical to always begin with God. we…

Summit in the end.#Writephoto

  Climbing up the mountain a great height to attain A place to submit and surrender As you raise your hands in the air You got to the summit in the end.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Random Musings #94.

Work is a process by which God makes His children wealthy, wealth is not about having money alone. It encompasses the total wholeness of Man. Toiling is a man doing his best to till a cursed ground. Don’t neglect the work and continue to toil.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.