Shatter the glass ceiling!


Recently my phone has been acting up seriously, at first, it was its slow response, which  I could still manage, just have to wait for longer or reboot it. Now the wifi-icon won’t respond to my mobile wifi system.

I have been told that it is because the screen is cracked and that I need an upgrade, to upgrade means I need to change the phone completely, not sure I am ready

This phone issue got me thinking about life and how many of us try to manage through life when we know it’s time for an upgrade. My phone has fallen down and cracked time and time again, even the screen saver isn’t safe anymore, it’s also cracked many times over. I am due for an upgrade yet I still want to keep managing the gadget that is no longer giving  100%.

What are the hindrances between you and your advancement?

It may be that just like me, you also need an upgrade, you need to come up higher in your life’s pursuit and quit settling for less in any way. As I was meditating on my daily treasures from the book of Psalms. Psalm 6:4

Return O Lord, Deliver me .

O save me, for your  mercy sakes.

As I muttered those words over and over, I began to ask what are those hindrances I needed to be delivered from, then I began to see some of them.

SELF-SABOTAGE- That feeling of undeserving of anything good, that often deter one from asking for help when needed. Self-sabotage is anything we do in life that prevents us from achieving our goals. You know that thing we do our ego just in case it doesn’t work out. we are afraid to fail so we self-sabotage to save face.


Another factor is the undeserving feeling of


This self-defeating pattern often stems up as a result of our upbringing, or some horrible experiences of childhood that are engrafted in our mind thus we question every opportunity of something good happening to us. Sometimes in marriage, you feel that your partner is too good for you so you unconscious engage in action to push the person away because you don’t deserve him or her. The flip side of this is also choosing to be in a toxic relationship because you feel you don’t deserve to have the best.


Everyday lifestyles habits and behavioural patterns indeed shape our lives. and many of us do procrastinate in one way or another. We work so hard at a certain goal and build momentum with it, the enthusiasm is right, the drive is turbo, all of a sudden the adrenalin rush to see the outcome of such goal stops, and things fall apart. That same energy could have birth success.

Destructive lifestyle habits like drinking, drugs, Gambling, excessive eating or undereating,  excessive television,  excessive social media are all factors that enable procrastination because they distract from the original intentions and goals.

These are just a few of the factors that hinder upgrade and elevation in our lives, they are like glass ceilings holding us back.

How can we shatter these glass ceilings?

Identity the negative dialogue in your mind- Every one of us has been endowed with great gifts to make a lasting impact in our immediate sphere of influence. Just like I had to spend some time praying and meditating, in steadfast prayer, God will reveal his will to you.

Take Action- when that negative dialogue begins to pop up, write them down in a small journal. You have to be self-aware of those negative dialogue to be able to counter them with the positive truth of God’s word.

Uncover those lies you are hearing-  God does not accuse us, because it is not in his nature. In every negative thought, there is a fundamental lie at work.

That thought of  “I am not worthy” or ” success is for some special type of people” or “I can’t have a great marriage” are all lies to get the truth you have to go to God, to combat the lies.{You can use quotes, song lyrics even pictures that have meaning to you but I like the universe-creating Word of God}.

His word says you are fearfully and wonderfully made -so you are worthy of love, you are worthy of success because it is His will that you succeed.

Replace the limiting habit with elevated ones.

Are you ready to break those glass ceilings hindering you from an upgrade in your life?

Go for it!



© OBA 2018.



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