Random Acts of Kindness.

kind act3

A few years back, parting with my money was a great challenge because of my limiting belief that I didn’t have enough to spread around so I might as well hold tight to the little I had,but as the years passed by, I became wiser and understood that a man’s riches is not commensurate to the amount of money he has or does not have.

I became aware of the golden rule from the Bible;

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

I was at an interdenominational prayer gathering this morning, and I experienced this principle actually, now this is not my first time of giving out things including money, but today experience was deep for me.

Where I sat in that gathering was a strategic place, so that I could leave anytime without disturbing others. Right before me sat an old woman in her early 70s, I saw her when she came in and didn’t give any thought in particular to her. The service continued and when it was time to give an offering she turned directly to me and asked me to give her money so she could also partake in the giving exercise, I had a 1000 naira bill in my hand and quickly gave her without hesitation, she was a total stranger!

She said thank you and that was it, almost immediately I felt a nudge to give her the rest of the cash that was with me, so I obliged, and took the remaining cash all that I had left and told her to keep it.

The look on face gave me goosebumps as she tried to get the words out of her mouth but couldn’t I could see tears laced within her eyes, as she finally spoke,she prayed for me , and then she said, “You don’t know what you have done by this simple act of kindness”.

kind act

What amazed me most, was that as she spoke and prayed, I felt this joy and unusual beautiful sensation, and knew somehow that I have been able to make someone happy.

kind act2


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