Why do I do what I do?

A Man walking into Sunset- Tegan Mierle/Unsplash.

Why do I do what I do?

Pondering over this question I couldn’t help remember a line from a dairy milk advert on TV? It goes like this; why do mums do the things they do?…don’t you wish your mama was fine like mine.

Have you at any point or another considered this line of thought? what is the motive behind all that you do? It is common nature for us, we don’t like the feeling of being inadequate or inferior in any way.

Nobody likes the feeling of inadequacy, it paralyzes -we all like to think that we smarter than the rest of the world, we like the feeling of importance -being in the spotlight, I once heard Gabrielle Union in her discuss at the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith, talk about how she suffered inferiority complex- She said she always clamoured for the spotlight even when she’s with her friends.

It wasn’t just about feeling accepted for her it was more like the desire and the quest for dominance-like a survival instinct.

Why do we do what we do? This is probably an awkward mixture of the need to survive and the need to be accepted and loved. on a daily basis, we are trying to find the balance between the need for survival and love.

I have noticed that whatever we tend to do out the need to survive in the jungle called life often tends to fade away. I have asked myself as a parent, why am I doing all that I do? is it because of the need to have control and dominance over my Children and rub it on their faces everytime that I am the one charge or is it out of love for them and the understanding that I have that they are not my personal properties. I recognise that they are unique entities with their own lives and choices, and I am just privileged to be their guide on this side of life.

More often than not, most of our parenting style and skill had been borne out of the need to live out our childhood through our children. That’s why as parents especially in this day of Technology and social media, it is rather a herculean task to raise children right. but if we approach our responsibility from the point of view of Love, we then find the gusto to do life with our children rightly.

It is from this deep-seated question, that I come to realise that much more than the need to find myself, the real me buried within the crevices of many of life’s outcome, my writing ability is not just for the need of surviving the rat race but it is a higher calling borne out of love to simply be a channel of hope and inspiration to someone who will stumble at my work one way or another.

Why do I do what I do? I believe we should always ask this question from time to time in other to evaluate our output to life- the answer, however, is embedded in our love for others, when we forget about our selves and put the need of others before ours.

Jesus Christ the greatest Leader that walked the earth exemplified this lifestyle in his short but fulfilled 33.5 years on this side of eternity and He is the perfect Model to emulate when it comes to thinking about others more than yourself! Everything he did was from the point of love. HE IS ACTUALLY LOVE PERSONIFIED.

When we make love the basis of all actions and intentions the need for survival fades away. Love is a choice that must be made on a consistent basis and deliberately too, in our daily dealings, it is then that we find fulfilment even in the mundanes.

Why do I do what I do? is it love-centred or survival instincts?


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