Are you feeling stuck with your writing? Here are a few tips.

Sometimes you feel stuck and almost tired of writing. It’s as if your creative juice isn’t just flowing. your logic reasoning tells you to quit-It’s not worth the trouble. This is a dumb idea just forget it.

I have been there and done that, at such times your reasons for writing becomes trite and useless. In the end, I have come to realise two things:

You will get over that mood. This too shall pass. But you don’t want to wait for too long for that mood to pass, you might have to wait for years. You bet we don’t have the luxury of such time as a long time. secondly, you will have to be stubborn about it. You need to get your creative juice back. Go for a walk, watch the ocean wave or something.

Most of all you must get going even if doesn’t make sense, Just keep at it.

writing in abus- IIYA
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I was at that point sometimes back, I just felt nothing in my writing ministry was making sense, it wasn’t because I was deficient or lacked ideas, it was just that things were a little messy as a writer you will experience some of those “messy moment” write anyway!

I also had to remind myself of the reasons for this passion, there is no harm in reminding yourself over and over again. I will share some of those reasons with you who knows it might just help you get back into writing if you are feeling stuck somewhere.

*The need to help others through my writing- I began this writing as a way of emptying my heart out, and expressing thoughts in my head, it was a passion so strong and as that passion grew I discovered that people were benefiting from it and gradually in that passion purpose began to manifest. As time passes I realise that it is no longer about me, but about others as well- so when you find yourself in that “stuck-zone” focus your writing on helping others.

Save readers through your words.

Words lift the weight off peoples soul, it touches their heart and also provide an escape route from life’s complexities.

*Adopt a growth Mindset- The more you keep writing the better you get at it, if you are consistent with it throughout the season, you will notice that there is some level of growth you can see. Don’t be a slave to accolades and trophies or better still in the terms of writing don’t be a slave to “likes” and comments- There are days and there will days when you will write and nobody bothers to look at what you’ve done. 

Real writers write and hit publish even when they feel like a mess.

When you experience such days when you are not getting the desired feedback just remember its part of the growing pains, get used to it, and write anyway!

*Have fun-writing should and must be fun, its just we seldom recognize the fun when it happening. so how do you have fun in your writing? 

when you have a very interesting idea, it is easy to focus all your attention on that idea and it’s even much fun when you get to share that idea with others, it’s like watching your favourite movie with friends you all get to share the vibes together. It’s the same with writing.  You can also write with some music in the background, some quiet instrumental music will go a long way as well. It is also therapeutic.

These are a few of the tips that have helped and still helps me get out of my rut. Do you any other tips that can help? I will love to read from you.



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  1. Bhawu says:

    Very helpful
    Thank you for sharing 😊


    1. OBA says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I APPRECIATE YOUR GESTURE.

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  2. Great thoughts thanks for sharing



    1. OBA says:

      Thanks Mike, I appreciate your kind comment. Thanks for stopping by.

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