Monday Motivation.

It’s a beautiful Monday, what a great time to be alive and well. I trust that you had a great weekend and if otherwise don’t despair it’s a new day, to start all over. As long as there is life there is hope. OR let me put the way my Dad taught me many years back he says;

As long as there is hope , there is life!

Hope fuels life and brings a glimpse of enthusiasm and joy to a dead end.

Today, I want to encourage you as I encourage me, That God creates nothing just for beauty! Let me give a moment for that to sink in.

What I am saying is that Everything in the earth, cosmic, the world was created to solve a problem or meet a need. There is nothing around you whether animate or inanimate that was made for no reason. Everything Exist to fulfill a PURPOSE.

You are a need-meeter, YOU ARE A PROBLEM SOLVER, a solutionist!

Therefore carry yourself and square your shoulder, because you have been made to see a new day because there is a need that has your name on it. There is a problem waiting for genius self.

What problem are you wired to solve?

What need have you been designed and positioned to meet?

STEP OUT INTO THE WORLD TODAY WITH THAT CONSCIOUSNESS, Go put a smile on someone’s face today. The world is waiting for you. This is your moment!


©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.



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