A life governed by principles!

I wrote this piece about two years ago. It is still very true and relevant today. Kindly read, comment and share. I will appreciate that, Thanks.


Life is governed by principles, and when you align yourself with the principles of life you will definitely succeed. To be successful at what you do is dependent on your adherence to the principles that govern what you do.

I recently enrolled for an online course, PURPOSE UNIVERSITY, which is an online platform for the discovery of purpose to be able to live life powerfully!. In the second Module of the course outline, the coach drew my attention back to the purpose of creation.

I went back into the scriptures to search and to understand Genesis Chapter 1 in its entirety, focusing on Gen 1:28, as I read and meditated on that, I decided to check Gen 1:28 in other translations. What I found in the  Amplified version was mind-blowing:

And God bless them, and said to them, Be fruitful,multiply,and fill the earth and subdue it[using all its vast resources…

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