Like poisoned apple…

rotten apple   


     It began with a small argument

It will soon be over

so they thought, naive little Children

watched as the daddy dragged ma

around the house


He always kept her in rage

her beautiful soul slipping away

by the daily cruelty

like poisoned apple passed down

from generation


He never thought it was wrong

The children hide behind the door

watching them both banter at each other

Like two opponents in a boxing match

they jabbed and punched

kitchen wares flying

from left to right


There go the broken glasses

splashed all over

No more music to the ears

papa made sure of that

as the broken strings of the jute box

lay lifeless on the ground.


I left my memories behind

promised me never to want that life

dark thoughts of childhood agonies

my time will be better

living in fear of yesterday’s memories

Today I trade away the fears  and pains


As I closed my eyes

and travel back in time

it just a memory

it longer has a grip on me

I gave up that dark  heritage

Today I sigh in the language of freedom

From the poisoned apple passed down…


©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.