Pursue your dreams.

All of us are born for a specific purpose. It does not matter if your dream is too great or too tiny, if God puts it in your heart, its time to pursue it- It’s time to follow through with it. Don’t give up.

If it’s as large as a non-profit organisation or as small as a walk for a cause- it is time to jump out and start work on it, Now!!

Just in case, you’re feeling afraid let me remind you as I am equally reminding myself of the reasons why you must Pursue your dream.


You are a gift to the world and the world needs what you’ve got, it doesn’t matter if someone else is doing what you dream of doing. Nobody else on this planet can give your dream that unique best shots that you have. So it’s time to make your unique significant impact on the world.

Don’t overthink it, just start Now. To create impact thinking and doing have to go hand and hand, don’t think too much, act on your thoughts now. the world awaits you.

Practice your way to perfection- execution breeds excellence. The more you keep at doing that one thing over and over, with tenacity and rugged faith, the better you become at it, and pretty soon you become a Master at it.

In pursuing your dreams you will learn to have patience. All great things come to do who wait. Because you don’t want to be a flash in pan with your dreams, patience as a virtue must take its place so that your impact on the world becomes more relevant.


So get up on your feet, let’s go make a great impact with that dream burning deep within you, You already have the permission from your creator to express it. what are you waiting for?


©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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