Monday Motivation.

It’s a beautiful Monday, the beginning of another exciting working week. I trust you had a fabulous weekend.

One word that kept resonating in my heart over the weekend was the word “Surrender”, This is an unpopular word that is rarely used because it creates an unpleasant image when you just think about it. It is almost like the word submission. Surrender creates an image of weakness, Admitting defeat, forfeit something or lose to a stronger opponent.

Image Credit: Nikko Macaspac/Unsplash

To surrender is not about weakness, it is a form of worship, in fact, it is the heart of worship because it is man’s natural response to God’s love and mercy. In today’s world where the narratives are about winning, to surrender will be unthinkable. We will rather talk about overcoming, conquering and succeeding.

To surrender is to give up oneself to God, not out of fear or religious duties but out love and total trust that He knows what’s best for us as his precious creation.

It means you are stepping aside regardless of your plans and agenda, that God’s supreme good will manifest in your daily dealings in the home or at work. it isn’t about been lazy or giving up the capacity to think neither is it about losing your person!

Surrender is about trust, You trust God totally and lovingly enough to allow his utmost best for you because His plans and purposes are true and right.

Are you willing and ready to step out of your plans and agenda, to allow God’s supreme good to unfold to you in all areas of life as this new week begins?

Knowing that His ultimate plans for you are good and not evil, will you be willing to forfeit your game plan for His best choices for your life, just because you love and trust His “enoughness”.

Are you ready to Surrender?


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