How I got my teenage son to fall in love…

I have always marveled at how engrossed he is with any form of a device, it’s been a lifelong tendency, Once his hands touch a device, he totally forgets about his immediate environment to the degree that it’s now a big challenge to focus on other areas. Often times it became a big fuss with…

Random Musings #100.

                                     Every one is equal before Art! how true is this statement? I heard these words from a Television advert during the week, the focus was on ballerinas and it was likened to every other type of creative…


  Let this mind be in you as you enter the weekend. Enjoy!   ©OBA 2018

Who are you when no one’s watching?

Do you know it is quite easy to really forget who you are and what’s critical to you if you’re spending time with other people? What happens when all you do is just to spend time with people, get lost in the crowd? we get easily influenced by the opinions and the actions from others,…

Random Musings #99

Life is not about achieving as much as you possibly can, or making all the money that you can make, life is about LOVE! The love that causes us to see ourselves in one another.   Enjoy a beautiful day ©OBA 2018.

Tell It As It Is.

Originally posted on Bamikeadeyemiwrites:
Over the weekend there was a discussion that came up from the online University that I enrolled in #Purpose University. The discussion stemmed out of the podcast from the director of the school. It was centered on telling one’s story as one of the ways of walking in the fullness of one’s…

Random Musings #98.

We only grow by taking a risk, and the most risk of all is, to be honest with ourselves and with others. Have a great week ahead. Shalom, ©OBA 2018.

Love spell like T-I-M-E!

The way we value things can be measured by the amount of time dissipated towards such things, by how much time we invest in them. If you want to know a person’s priority just check out what they spend their time doing that will give you a clue to what that person is passionate about….

Random Musings #97.

  Never make your conviction a point of conversation. Not many people will get you, and if they understand your conviction, they try to give you their opinion.   Shalom ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.  

Monday Motivations.

Happy Monday all, Hope this new week brings you all you desire. ©OBA 2018. IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest.