5 Top benefits for achieving any goal.

Why do you do what you do?

What do you do it all for?

Image Credit: Bruno Nascimento/Unsplash.com

Recently, I set a goal for myself and was determined to see it through. I have done similar things previously and it was just an exercise in futility, but this time around I promised myself that I will, by all means, see this task through.

Was it really a smooth feat? Of course, it wasn’t and I was constantly reminded by myself that I may not see this goal through just like the others. I was going to prove myself wrong!

I started on this mission which was going to take me about 3 weeks to accomplish, you bet the very first day was so daunting that I thought maybe it wasn’t worth it, but I kept on anyway. Day 1 became Day 10, repeatedly and consistently I kept at it until the finish line Day 21. The exhilaration and satisfaction I felt couldn’t be bought with any amount of money because I was able to see something true without giving up halfway!

Recalling that experience I was able to conclude on a few things that setting a goal and sticking to it to the end helps you to become better as a person.

1. It helps you to develop a tenacious spirit, your ability to overcome obstacles, unexpected and unwanted things rewards you with an overcomers mindset with resolve and results to show

2. You overcome Fear-like I said earlier on, I had to face the fear that was telling me, I will quit just like I had done in the past. You see fear is an excuse for those who are unwilling to face their doubts, your ability to face and overcome your fear rewards you with confidence, and the zest to aim higher!

3. You become more courageous- Courage is not the absence of fear, rather it is the ability to act rightly in the face of fear, opposition or doubt. At some point in the process, I had to be brave to tell myself that indeed I can do it because I am possible.

4. You grow up. Life always presents to us, opportunities for growth, sometimes those opportunities are marked as work. Been able to accomplish that goal for 3 whole weeks has given me a chance to grow, because where I was before the task is not where I am after the task.

5. You become self-reliant. You are able to do things by yourself without needing others to help you. You can actually tackle head-on, without any external help, not because of arrogance or cockiness.

You know the best part of accomplishing any goal either great or small is that it gives you the boldness to want to do more. You are much more ready to take on any other goal or task because of the last success. I will tell you what next feat I embarked upon much later.


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