Intensity Precedes Creativity. FictionFriday.

I couldn’t agree more… intensity does fire up our creativity. How intense are you with your craft?


Ade had just moved into the big city, Eko-Akete, with the prospect of enjoying the bustling vibes of the city, and his new job opportunity as an intern for a telecom company. He had left his hometown and told his Parents he won’t be coming back soon. The sad look on his aged father as he bade them, still lingers in his memory.


Here he is in Eko, he has spent two months as an intern, and out of sheer luck, he had been given the role of a Brand Manager, wow! everything is going pretty fast than he could have imagined, “maama’s prayers are really working o”.

The Head of Dept walked into the office room where they have their end of year appraisal and reviews. Ade with so much excitement walked into the beaming with smiles, as he greeted his boss, this is his first time of joining the group…

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