Love spell like T-I-M-E!

The way we value things can be measured by the amount of time dissipated towards such things, by how much time we invest in them. If you want to know a person’s priority just check out what they spend their time doing that will give you a clue to what that person is passionate about.

Time is man’s greatest gift because you only have a certain amount of it, it is easy to make money, but it is quite impossible to make more time. So when you give someone your time, you are giving them a part of your life that you can never buy back.

it is not enough to say that relationships are important, the time vested in relationships is a proof of the premium importance placed on such.


In the last few days my little prince has been under the weather, and as such, I have had to practically leave everything else to just be with him 24/7.

Since he is just a baby, it is difficult to figure out how he is feeling because he does not yet have the capacity to express himself, unlike if it were his older ones. I must confess at this juncture that it took me a while to adjust to the fact that I had to carry him all by myself, especially because unlike before, he would allow his older brothers to carry him and play with him, this time around all he wanted was for “maama” to carry him, He can now say the word ‘mama’ a little fluently.

I couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t sleep, and he wouldn’t even eat his usual semi-solid food all he wanted was breast -milk, which was now like a per second feeding. I watched his dad with jealousy sleeping and snoring without stress, while all I could do, was just to cuddle and hold my baby to my chest for that warmth that he was yearning for in his “pains”

In the last few days of this experience, I came to a greater realization that the essence of love is not what we think or do or provide for others, but how much we give of ourselves, I bet someone will say it’s a mother’s instinct but it goes beyond just being a mother.

It is called focused attention- That kind of love concentrated on another being that you forget yourself at that moment. it is a kind of attention that says I value you enough to give you myself.  it is a type of love that is sacrificial, it takes time and effort and it is best spelt out like this T- I- M- E.

I believe this is the love that enhances relationships in whatever capacity such relationship is, our focused attention to our spouses, children, family, the community, goes a long way to show that we place value on the people around us.

Love is, about giving up-yielding my comforts, goals, preferences, money, or time for the betterment and benefit of someone else.

Your T-I-M-E starts now, don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do for someone today. Circumstance changes!


©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Rachel Ann says:

    Love this post. ❤️


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