As the deer panteth

I was meditating on Psalm 42:1-2 and asked myself this question, ‘How does a deer pants for water? in my search, I came across this post. Hope it blesses you as it blessed me.

Whoever said leadership was a piece of cake?

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Everything rises and falls on leadership, says John Maxwell, who is considered to be one of the 21st-century leadership gurus. No matter the status,  a fortune 500 CEO, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mum/dad, whoever and whatever you do, you are in a leadership position because you find one or two people or more…

September is here.

You are welcome oh September My second most favourite month I have been waiting for you to come to birth all my deliverables. I see you Oh September I know this journey together you and I Will be such fun.   ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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Face everywhere all over  Each one of us in different phases On various stages In specific places In space and outer space My phase is not like yours Filled with thrills and chills Heartaches, headaches and so much more A moment in time for gratitude And all the in-betweens My phase…

The value of meditation.

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Meditation isn’t just a mystical, metaphysical or new age thing. It is coming to stillness in the mind and body. It’s being still to know the Holy Spirit’s presence-To simply be with God. It isn’t so much of what the church encourages today-I wonder why. Looking back into the Scripture, Joshua…