The value of meditation.


Meditation isn’t just a mystical, metaphysical or new age thing. It is coming to stillness in the mind and body. It’s being still to know the Holy Spirit’s presence-To simply be with God. It isn’t so much of what the church encourages today-I wonder why.


Looking back into the Scripture, Joshua 1:8; “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall ” meditate in it day and night”.The first instruction here is Meditation, it’s actually the second instruction after “it shall not depart from your mouth”.The early Christians called this “pure prayer”.Meditation, like all Christian practices, requires discipline and patience, now that’s a really big issue in a challenging world of frantic activities, where busyness takes precedence.

Why is the word “Meditation and the practice of Meditation very rare in Christendom? When in actual fact, it’s the first instruction that is connected with…

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