Whoever said leadership was a piece of cake?


Everything rises and falls on leadership, says John Maxwell, who is considered to be one of the 21st-century leadership gurus. No matter the status,  a fortune 500 CEO, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mum/dad, whoever and whatever you do, you are in a leadership position because you find one or two people or more looking up to you for directives.

Leadership is about Influence, it is not a function of titles, money, or offices. Attitude reflects leadership.

Leadership is a philosophy, it is a mindset. We all know it is human nature to always look for role models, someone to emulate. Influence is imminent on the home front, in the church and the society. There are leaders and there are those who are not. What separates a great and admirable leader from the others is the correct attitude of leadership. If you want to become the leader you desire, there are traits and…

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