Random Musings #98.

We only grow by taking a risk, and the most risk of all is, to be honest with ourselves and with others. Have a great week ahead. Shalom, ©OBA 2018.

Love spell like T-I-M-E!

The way we value things can be measured by the amount of time dissipated towards such things, by how much time we invest in them. If you want to know a person’s priority just check out what they spend their time doing that will give you a clue to what that person is passionate about….

Random Musings #97.

  Never make your conviction a point of conversation. Not many people will get you, and if they understand your conviction, they try to give you their opinion.   Shalom ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.  

Monday Motivations.

Happy Monday all, Hope this new week brings you all you desire. ©OBA 2018. IMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest.

Once upon a time girl ! #writephoto

Jasmine had never built a healthy image of herself. Rejection during her early years had left her feeling out of place, unloved and unlovable. She would often write about her experiences in her journal. which was like her passageway to her reality, where she kept track of life’s eventualities. In one of her entry she…

Quote of the day!

If what you see is not what you saw, then what you see is temporary-Dr Myles Munroe.   Don’t lose that vision! It will speak …One day! Enjoy a fabulous weekend, © OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved

Random Musings 96.

The body of Christ is not a commodity or an article of commerce, to be looted by a gospel of greed for a preacher to make merchandise of- Donnie Swaggart.   ©OBA 2018.    


According to the dictionary, August means, respected or impressive. other synonyms include renowned, eminent, distinguished, celebrated, honoured and distinction. According to bible numerology, August is the 8th month which signifies resurrection or regeneration, in other words, a new beginning. So here is wishing you and praying that you will experience everything that August connotes, that…

Savour every moment.

Don’t forget as you journey through this week, to capture great moments with you, your friends and loved ones. Take it upon your self to   Peace and love ©OBA 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Monday Motivation.

It’s a beautiful Monday, the beginning of another exciting working week. I trust you had a fabulous weekend. One word that kept resonating in my heart over the weekend was the word “Surrender”, This is an unpopular word that is rarely used because it creates an unpleasant image when you just think about it. It…